• Conceptual design
  • Interior design
  • All types of residential construction design
  • Permit drawings for residential house or addition
  • Exterior Layout and Design
  • Furniture design and drawings
  • 2D and 3D Cad files

Design services are available only for DC and MD Metro area.
Drawing services encompass the entire process from concept to final design and submittals to classification and flag authorities, or any part thereof.

Design and Estimation Services

If you are considering basement remodeling / conversion, new kitchen or bathroom, Sokol Design-Build Group is best solution for that. You will get designer and contractor under one roof.
We are listen to your ideas and work with you to produce a unique design for your needs.
(fill-out the form for get in-home consultation and estimate). There is no charge for the initial consultation.
On this website, you can view a few of our projects in the gallery. You can see what my clients say about our work in Testimonials. Feel free to browse our site for additional information on architectural and interior designing, design for permit drawings and estimation services .


3D.interior -2Conceptual Design Agreement and Preliminary Estimate

Once you have approved the investment range we will then engage in a Conceptual Design (we will provide 2 different 3D computer models of design with corresponding preliminary estimates). The cost of the Conceptual Design Agreement is  $1,500- $3,500 (Depending on the size of the project).

$ 1,500.00 (cost of Conceptual Design) will be returned to the customer if the client chooses Sokol Design-Build Group as a contractor. Thus, the customer will receive a Conceptual Design for free. The customer receives Conceptual Drawings after the signing of “Letter of Intent”. The Conceptual Design will be ready in 10 -15 working days from receipt date of the agreement signed and payment for Agreement.


  • Customers can get a complete set of conceptual drawings without the choice of Sokol Design-Build Group as a contractor. In this case, a set of Conceptual Design drawings (in PDF files) will cost $ 4,500 (including the $ 1500 you paid earlier).
  • If you only need a drawing for a building permit (if you have an architectural design-sketch), the set of drawings will cost from 5% to 7% of the construction cost, (5% for construction cost up to 75,000 US dollars, 6% – up to 150,000 US dollars, 7% – for construction up to 500 000 US dollars).

If you need just an estimate…

Some people are interested in purchasing the home, and wondering how much will cost of expanding the kitchen, finish basement or add living space. We provide preliminary estimate just for $550

How do we work?

Step 1. Fill-out the E-Form for get in-home consultation and estimate.
During this first email-consultation, we will set up an appointment to meet at your project site (fill-out the form for get in-home consultation and estimate).

Step 2. Discussion and Consultation of Project Design on-site:
Our first priority is to listen to your needs and to gain the feel for how you want your project to function and look, and to discuss feasibility of design and your budget. Your budget-range will be our target for our design.

Step 3. Conceptual Design Agreement and Preliminary Cost Estimates:
We will provide three different 3D computer models of design with corresponding preliminary estimates for each of version (see example). The cost of the Conceptual Design Agreement is $ 1,500 – $3,500 (depending on size of the project), and design will be ready in 10-15 working days from receipt date of the agreement signed.
The Conceptual Design will help you to clearly see our project ideas with your budget range, and how you can influence the outcome of your project. If you decide to proceed with the project with us, this money is credited back to you as a deposit on the construction project.

Step 4. Fixed Price Contract and Construction:
After signed the Fixed Price Contract (see example), we will get the building, plumbing and electrical permits and begin construction process. In the building/remodeling process, our Project Manager is responsible for scheduling the trades and products necessary for project completion along with high quality assurance.
Our team is supervised and meets on the job site every day, providing 24 hours emergency on call, and is in constant communication with the company owner.

Step 5. After finish the project.
We provide a 1-year warranty on all finishing of work, and a 10-year warranty on all structural work performed.

All types of architectural and interior designs * Construction and remodeling services * Supervision and project management.