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Your Project Consultant will guide you through the complete design of your renovation project.

Make in-home appointment 
The design and build experience with SOKOL Design-Build Group begins with the first email (fill-out the form for get in-home consultation and  estimate). During this first email-consultation, you will set up an appointment to meet at your project site. Your Project Consultant will know to your preliminary ideas, share information with you about detail of your project and our design-build or remodeling processes.

On-Site Consultation
The on-site consultation begins with your Project Consultant meeting with you at your home or project site to discuss feasibility, design and budget. Our first priority is to listen to your needs and to gain a feel for how you want your home to function and look. We then create solutions that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and within your budget.

Investment Range
From the knowledge that we gathered during our on site consultation your Project Consultant will create an Investment Range that reflects the actual cost of your project based on the information you have provided paralleled with our building standards. Your Project Consultant may also provide an estimated time for completion of your project. Both the Investment Range and completion time are subject to change.

Conceptual Design Agreement and Preliminary Estimate
Once you have approved the investment range we will then engage in a Conceptual Design (we will provide 2 different 3D computer models of design with corresponding preliminary estimates). The cost of the Conceptual Design Agreement is $ 1,500 – $3,500 (depending on the size of the project). The Conceptual Design Agreement’s cost will be included to the Final Contract Estimate, if the customer chooses Sokol Design-Build Group as a contractor. The customer receives Conceptual Drawings after the signing of Letter of Intent. The Conceptual Design will be ready in 10 working days from receipt date of the agreement signed and piece-work payment.

After discussion, conceptual designs, for further work, the customer will sign Letter of Intent for design-build process, include initial payment of 5% – 7% (depending on the size of the project) of the budget for the project.

Conceptual design, is option for the customers and it’s not necessary for the small or middle size of projects.

Final Documents
As soon as all revisions have been made to your design, your construction documents will be engineer approved and permit ready.  At this point a final scope of work will be created to verbalize what is pictured in your construction documents and list all final product selections.  A project schedule will be created to show a start and completion date along with a draw schedule to outline the payment schedule.  Finally, a contract will be created to tie everything together.

After execution, Construction drawings for Maryland or Washington DC Residential Construction Commission enrollment and homeowner’s association approval will be secured. We will sign the Fixed Price Contract and begin construction process. Your Project Manager is responsible for scheduling the trades and products necessary for project completion along with quality assurance.  Weekly through to the completion of your project you will meet with your Project Manager on site to discuss progress and answer any questions that may have arisen.  Even though you only have one set time each week to meet with your Project Manager he or she is always available by phone or email.

Post Construction
We provide a 1-year warranty on all work performed as well as a 10-year warranty on all structural work performed. We stand behind our quality workmanship on every project.  We will follow up with a detailed client satisfaction survey so you can tell us about your experience.

All types of architectural and interior designs * Construction and remodeling services * Supervision and project management.