Process Advantages

Single Source of Contact Customers who choose the design manage & build method are always delighted with their result because they have a partner in SOKOL Design-Build Group LLC  leading them through the planning, design-manage and building process. Us serving as a single source of contact and coordination for all design and construction, customers relax knowing that all forces are working in synchronicity toward their vision. Design with us is successful in all cases – when an architect has already been selected or when a customer works with SOKOL Design-Build Group’s own in-house architect.

Complete Cost Control With Sokol Design-Build Group LLC, surprise costs that can arise from a lack of design oversight by a builder are virtually eliminated, so the building is sure to be constructible within budget before ever lifting a hammer. Because of the flexibility of design manage & building, scheduling and construction can begin before final designs are completed, saving customers time and money. Also, with design manage, the customer will know their true project cost much sooner than with the traditional separation of designer and builder. And that is a whole lot less stressful!

Design Options Virtually all design-build companies offer you a single design based on your needs and desires. Only we offers your three or more conceptual designs that all reflect your unique personality and needs in creatively different ways. And our in-house architect ensures that they all fit within your budget. We are pound to be the only design-build company in the Washington, DC Metro Area to offer this unsurpassed value to our clients. Put our experience and creative minds to work for you – and attest to satisfying empowerment of having Design Options!

No Re-Design Fees In most cases, when you want to make changes to the initial design you will be hit by hefty re-design fees. That won’t happen with us. Sokol Design-Build Group LLC offers you home design with a personal touch. We get to know you, ask you to define your ideas and understand your goals and dreams. We start the process in-house to ensure that your dreams and limitations can find a common ground — in a unique design that meets your needs and your budget. Once we present you with Design Options, three or more conceptual designs all reflecting your unique needs and budget, you will have a chance to make a selection, and even incorporate design features from one or more designs into a finalized design. We make it our goal to earn your complete satisfaction, so we will make sure to reach that goal before proceeding to the next stage of the design-build process. And you will never see re-design fees, now that’s a good deal!

Making Your Vision a Reality Next, we enlist our experienced professionals to help capture your vision. The architect continues developing the floor plan and exterior design. The kitchen/bath designer plans food-preparation surfaces, cooking and storage areas, baths and laundry. The interior designer helps you select compatible materials, colors and surfaces. Finally, the landscaper ensures that outdoor living spaces and gardens compliment the architecture.

The end result? Together we can build not just a home, but a legacy — with design, craftsmanship and architecture that will live with your family for generations to come.

Pricing Advantage

We’ll develop a budget based on your plans, and modify it as necessary to suit your needs and budget. For maximum flexibility, we offer two different plans:

Our Fixed Cost Plan locks in pricing in advance — no unanticipated cost increases during construction. To guarantee pricing, we will ask you to make selections up front; changes during construction will be limited.

Our Cost Plus Plan allows you to make decisions and enhance your home during construction. You pay for all work at cost, plus a specified percentage for overhead and profit. Includes a monthly review of all materials and labor costs.

All types of architectural and interior designs * Construction and remodeling services * Supervision and project management.